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Current status of the modified plastics market: rising corporate profits and large market space

Issuing time:2020-03-09 14:24


With the rapid development of the domestic economy and the continuous advancement of "plastics to replace steel" and "plastics to wood", the modified plastics industry has achieved rapid development, and the modified equipment and technology continue to mature. The system has also been gradually improved and has now become an important part of the national plastics industry. Many rubber and plastic companies focus on electrical appliances or new energy vehicles, expanding modified plastic products and intelligent manufacturing, and their development has continued to rise steadily in recent years.

The flame-retardant, weather resistant, and alloying level of modified plastics continues

to increase, and modified general purpose plastics also have greater advantages in terms

of price and output. With the continuous development of general plastic modification technology, its application scope and application volume will gradually increase, and market demand and market space will continue to expand.

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