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Industrial upgrading has become the main task of plastic packaging machinery

Issuing time:2020-08-24 11:40

Plastic products have also been widely used in various sectors of the national economy and

people's lives.   Since all plastic raw materials need to be processed by plastic machinery and molds before they can be molded into plastic products with a wide range of uses, plastic machinery has become aerospace, defense, petrochemical, marine, electronics, optoelectronic communications, building materials, packaging, and electrical appliances. Automobile and transportation, agriculture and light industry and other important supports of various sectors of the national economy.


(2) It can effectively guarantee the quality of packaging. Mechanical packaging can obtain packaging with the same specifications according to the requirements of the packaged items, according to the required shape and size, but manual packaging cannot be guaranteed.

This is particularly important for export commodities. Only mechanical packaging can achieve the standardization and standardization of packaging and meet the requirements of

collective packaging.

(3) Able to achieve operations that cannot be achieved by manual packaging. Some

packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, skin packaging, and

isobaric filling, cannot be achieved by manual packaging and can only be achieved by

mechanical packaging.

(4) It can reduce labor intensity and improve labor conditions. The labor intensity of

manual packaging is very large. For example, manual packaging of large and heavy

products consumes energy and is not safe; for light and small products, due to the higher

frequency, Monotonous actions can easily cause workers to get occupational diseases.


(7) It can reliably ensure that the product is hygienic. Some products, such as the packaging of food and medicine, are not allowed to be manually packaged according to the Sanitation Law because they will contaminate the product. Mechanical packaging avoids direct contact with food and medicine by human hands, ensuring that Hygiene quality.


(8) Packaging machinery is a comprehensive science that can promote the development of related industries. It involves materials, technology, equipment, electronics, electrical

appliances, automatic control and other disciplines. It requires all related disciplines to

develop in a synchronized and coordinated manner. Any discipline The problems will affect the overall performance of packaging machinery.

In recent years, the plastic pellet machine industry has focused on industrial transformation and upgrading, adhered to the path of independent innovation, energy conservation and

environmental protection, and high end development, accelerated the promotion of industry

university research cooperation, and successively developed and produced a large number

of high-efficiency and energy-saving plastic machinery products with an energy saving

rate of 40%. ~80%, the energy-saving effect has reached the international

advanced level, which is recognized and welcomed by the market.

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