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Why is the integrated wall inevitably more and more popular?

Issuing time:2021-06-23 11:40

In the past two years, the integrated wall has ushered in a big development, and the market has suddenly become popular, making the entire home improvement industry extremely

excited. Then why is the integrated wall so popular?

First, environmental protection and health

In fact, this topic is not uncommon, but with the continuous development of the times,

environmental protection continues to improve. Environmental protection and health have

become one of the important factors in modern consumers' purchasing decisions. The purchasing decision factors have changed environmentally friendly products into the market withhigh profile. "If customers buy your products, the price factor accounts for half, and now environmental factors account for 30%-40." %.

With the continuous adjustment of the

market, environmental protection and health are undergoing continuous changes, and many consumers have risen to the same position as the price in their hearts.


Second, quick installation, complete installation

In addition to health issues, another major headache for consumers’ home improvement is

that it takes a long time. Now most of the heads of households who are renovating are born in the 80s and 90s. Both parties in the family have to go to work. There is not much time

for integration. The modular installation of the wall greatly saves the time for home

decoration. It usually takes several months to decorate, and it takes up to one month to use

the integrated wall. If it needs to be faster, some can even reach about 15days.


Therefore, whether it is from the market consumption situation or the changes in consumer lifestyles, the integrated walls standing on the air outlet undoubtedly have excellent

advantages. I believe that the future market will be even broader.

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