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Five recommendations for the development of plastic processing industry

Issuing time:2020-06-17 09:48

Five development suggestions are given, which are summarized as follows: strengthen top level design, guide innovation and

development, strengthen integrity building, play the role of financial tools, and promote green and ecological development.

The specific content is as follows:


Give full play to the role of academicians and expert teams, promote the in-depth integration of industry-university-research funds,

promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and guide the formation of scientific and technological innovation working groups; focus on cutting-edge plastic processing technologies and common key technology research and

development and achievement transformation, and promote technological progress in the industry; implementation

The development strategy of scientific and technological talents, through measures such as research funding, informatization

construction, on-the-job training and education, to continuously improve the technical literacy of industry personnel, and form a

group of innovative talent teams with international advanced levels; support the construction of a public service scientific research platform for plastic processing technology innovation, and strengthen The construction of key laboratories, engineering (technical) research centers, enterprise technology centers, and testing centers will continuously improve the innovation and R&D level of industry enterprises. Explore and grasp the opportunities brought by the country's higher level court sessions, informatization

development results and new business development models for business management, and continuously improve the efficiency of business management.

Cooperate with the implementation of high- standard market system construction actions, create an honest and trustworthy and

market environment in the plastics processing industry, actively create a good market business atmosphere in the plastics industry,

promote the construction of industry quality, health, safety, environment and other systems, and promote the orderly health of the industry develop.

Financial tools are of great significance for promoting industry capital accumulation, productivity improvement, business risk

aversion, and effective resource integration. It is necessary to make good use of financial tools to help the industry develop,

encourage companies to use bank loans, outstanding companies to issue stocks and bonds and other methods to work hard, and use futures, options, forward contracts, futures contracts, option contracts, swap contracts and other financial derivatives Play a role in

fund raising management, project investment management, fund settlement management, and investment arbitrage.

Promote the development of plastic recycling and reuse, strengthen the high value application technology of recyclable materials;

guide, develop, and promote new technologies and products that are recyclable, easy to recycle, and degradable; support the

demonstration,promotion and application of advanced technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction, and strengthen some Control of volatile organic pollution (VOC) emissions in product production, scientifically and pragmatically study the

industry's peak carbon dioxide emissions targets and work plans, and realize the coordinated development of the economy, society, and the ecological environment.

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