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PVC corner machine
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PVC corner machine


PVC Corner Machine


1.   Brief introduction

PVCinternal and external corners/corner protectors can produce PVC building cornerprotectors, corner protectors, wall external corner protectors, wall internalcorner protectors,

wall insulation system corner protectors, plastic cornerprotectors and other products. The

above product is a kind of corner protectionproduct specially developed for the protection

of the internal and externalcorners of the wall. It is widely used for strengthening and

protecting thecorners during construction, decoration and renovation of old houses. It

changes the traditional method of using hand or simple tools to repair theinternal and

external corners of the wall.

It is a new type of building material specially designed for the difficult construction of

wall corner, door corner and window corner. The PVC angle baris characterized by

weathering, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Itsstrength and toughness have made people feel comfortable to replace all kindsof traditional building materials such as steel, wood and aluminum.

2.   Thecharacteristic of the PVC corner machine

(1). Adopt double screw extruder, no need to granulating, direct extrude by PVC powder.

(2). According to customer requirement, One extruder extrudes four or six etc.

(3). Electromagnetic heating, saving electricity and saving power.

(4). High auto. technology of the machine and easy to operate.

(5). Fast speed calibration, high performance, power saving and high   capacity.

(6). Online auto. punching, one time to complete, reducing the process and manpowercost.

3.   Consistof PVC corner machine

MixerConical twinsscrew extruderDiehead and mouldsVacuumcalibration tableHaul-offmachineAuto.cut-off machineStacker+

Auxiliarymachines (fully auto. punching machine etc.)

4.   PVCcorner show




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