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PVC Corrugated Tile Extruder Machine
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PVC Corrugated Tile Extruder Machine


PVC Corrugated roof tile making machine:


This tile is the best replacement to conventional asbestos,

metal G.I. sheets and PVC sheets considering the heat insulation,

sound insulation, water resistance, chemical and alkali resistance,

corrosion proof, fire retardant, eco friendly, easy to install and move,

light weight as well as cost effective in installation (as less steel and less overlap),

as per the efficiency and benefits it provides.

It can save construction cost upto 50%.

Apart from its numerous benefits,

its salient features include heat insulation upto 35% (highly energy efficient)

and it can withstand temperature upto 70 degrees Celsius to - 40 degrees Celsius

which is very much suitable for   YOUR MARKET.


1)PVC one layer

PVC+ASA two layer

PVC+PVC+ASA Three layer

PVC+PVC+PVC+ASA Four layer

ASA layer for anti-UV for 20-30 years life.

2) Corrugated tile width 920mm/1130mm,thickness 1.5-3mm adjustable.

   Other product width can be customized.

3)plastic Corrugated tile have the same product structure with metal sheet.

4)Trapezoid or Round shape for your choice.

5)The turnkey machine contain main tile extruding machine,

Ridge tile forming machine,mixer,crusher,pulverizer

6)Plastic Corrugated tile are used for Roofing,

can be used for factories, warehouses, sheds,

farmers market, hoardings, walls, temporary shops,

sheds and other very suitable insulation

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