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PVC Glazed Tile Extruder Machine
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PVC Glazed Tile Extruder Machine


New technology of PVC Glazed Tile Extruder Machine:


Advantage of CO extrusion technology,

surface coating with ASA/PMMA and other improved modification material.


ASA PVC roof tile is an excellent waterproof and new multifunctional roofing material,

which is made from PVC compounding with ASA surface.

ASA has outstanding corrosion resistance and anti-uv performance,

which provides our ASA roofing tiles with long term color stability and long service life.

In addition, our environmental friendly products are also resistant to water,

fire, and weather, and have good heat and sound insulation performances.

These synthetic resin roof tiles can withstand strong winds and earthquakes,

and their light weight ensures easy installation.


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