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PE Solid Wall Pipe Extruder Machine
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PE Solid Wall Pipe Extruder Machine


Description of   PE Solid Wall Pipe Extruder Machine

Our company production of PE pipe equipment - extruding machine,

according to the size of diameter of PE pipes

to select different types of extrusion machine,

extrusion, coolingand sizing, traction,

cutting into an organic whole,

the development of a complete large diameter PE pipe equipment

automatic production line, from incoming material to the

finished product of the full automatic control.

The design concept of the main machine is: on the basis of high speed, high yield

extrusion, low temperature plasticizing,

to ensure high quality PP, PE pipe extrusion.

Achieve stable traction device.

Production of high quality pipe,

high speed extrusion, high efficiency plasticizing,

special Siemens PLC control device,

to ensure the stability of production.

Composition of production line:

The production line is characterized by beautiful appearance,

high degree of automation and stable and reliable production.

High speed single screw main machine:

High speed and high efficiency single screw extruder is specially designed for the

extrusion of PE raw materials, the screw adopts screen block type structure,

the barrel has a unique groove structure.

These new designs can increase the plasticizing and mixing

effect of the extrusion pipe, equipped with low noise fan, ceramic heating ring heating,

high speed helical gear reducer with hard tooth surface, intelligent temperature control

meter, inverter control, so that the whole host has low temperature melting, good

plasticizing and energy saving effect, etc..


Die: in order to achieve high speed extrusion of PE pipe, adopt spiral parting die,

unique low pressure runner design,

ensure low temperature and high plasticizing extrusion of PE,

ensure stable high yield, extend the service life of the main machine.

For different raw materials,

multi-layer co-extrusion die can be used to reduce the cost.

Pipe marking line host:

Pipe marking line host is extruded by a small single screw extruder

through a composite mold.

Vacuum sizing water tank:


According to the size of pipe diameter, can be equipped with a

multi-stage vacuum system, to ensure the quality of

pipe forming and production speed.

The high pressure cooling water system with reasonable water circulation,

the vacuum degree adjusting device and the automatic water temperature

control system, and the high precision tin bronze sizing sleeve

provide a strong guarantee for the high speed and high output of the main engine.

Spray cooling tank:


The long cooling system ensures efficient cooling of pipes,

and the unique piping system reduces the cooling length.

Tractor:the special integral transmission device avoids the independent transmission of

different synchronization, pressure regulation system can adjust the traction,

with the characteristics of small pressure, large traction, plastic PE pipe equipment,

inverter control, traction speed precision stepless adjustable.


Chip free cutting machine:

Adopt mature cutting free cutting technology,

high cutting precision, smooth cut without blank front, no dust.


Automatic turning frame:the whole is made of stainless steel. The intelligent control

system can work perfectly with the cutting machine to achieve the automatic turning of theset pipe length.


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